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Occasional talks are arranged to present the views and principles of daoism. Listening to a range of different speakers encourages appreciation for the diversity of daoist thought, cultivation and tradition.

Wu Wei: an informal online talk by Karine Martin (Jingxiu) – 2 August 2020

The British Daoist Association has a close connection with the French Daoist Association as Karine Martin (Jingxiu 景秀), the founder and Chairman of the French Daoist Association, began her Daoist cultivation with Shi Jing, the Chairman and senior teacher of the BDA, in the UK in 1998. Karine has over 20 years experience of daoist practice, including 15 years living in daoist temples in China. She was ordained into the Dragon Gate lineage of the Complete Reality school in 2002. She also holds a PhD in Daoism and is trilingual in Chinese, French and English. Additionally, she holds a pharmaceutical sciences PhD and worked in neuroscience research for a number of years before travelling to China. Karine has kindly agreed to give a live online talk on Zoom in english, on the subject of wu wei and she will take questions after the talk.

Membership of the BDA is not necessary to attend the talk but you will need to register here and you will be sent the Zoom link to the talk shortly before the event. We are asking that if you are able you make a small donation, which Karine is donating to the BDA.

The english version of the website of the French Daoist Association is . Over the past few weeks Karine has been posting online talks, in French, the most recent of which is this :

Sunday 2 August 2020

17:00 to 18:00 BST

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