The British Daoist Association aims to offer a range of events presenting the teachings and practices of daoism.

Cultivation events

One-day cultivation events
These events, are designed to introduce daoist practice and provide ongoing support for participants. Until recently these have held in both London and Devon. We intend to resume these once the requirements for social distancing are lifted.

Retreats offer the opportunity to engage with longer periods of cultivation in a supportive environment. Weekend retreats provide the space to refine practices such as daoyin and develop a foundation in tranquil sitting. Week-long retreats enable participants to settle further into these practices. Hopefully retreats will resume once the requirements for social distancing are lifted.

Online talks and groups

Talks are offered to inspire reflection on the views and principles of daoism. Listening to a range of different speakers encourages appreciation for the diversity that is found in daoist thought and cultivation.

Text reading groups
Exploring daoist classics such as the Daode jing in a group setting allows participants to consider in greater depth the nuance and meaning of such texts. It helps develop an understanding of what is unique to the daoist view and how it can be relevant to daily life and cultivation.