Frequently Asked Questions

The most commonly asked questions that we receive are listed below. If you have a question that is not answered here, please get in touch using the contact form on the Contact Page.

  • Does the BDA have a temple or permanent base that I can visit?

    No. The BDA does not have a temple or permanent base. The centres used for retreats and events are hired.

  • I would like to travel to China to learn about Daoism and possibly become a priest. Can the BDA put me in touch with a temple in China or provide me with a letter of introduction to a Chinese priest.

    The BDA could only provide these services to long standing members who we know well.

  • Does the BDA run any local groups that provide teachings?

    As of September 2023, the BDA is not currently any local groups. When retreats and local groups are organised, these will be published on our Calendar of Events Page HERE.

  • Can the BDA put me in touch with a Daoist teacher who can provide personal teachings or advice?

    The teachings are only provided at retreats and one day events – please see the Events page for further details.

  • Can you give me the addresses of other Daoist temples in the UK?

    The BDA does not have links with other Daoist temples in the UK.

  • Can the BDA put me in touch with a Daoist priest who can perform rituals or services at weddings and funerals or who would provide prison or hospital visits?

    The priests in the BDA are primarily concerned with Daoist cultivation and do not perform these services.

  • I am writing a project on Daoism for my school or college. Do you have any materials that can help me?

    The BDA does not provide any materials other than the contents of this website, but please do take a look at our Reading List page which may help.

  • What books about Daoism would the BDA recommend?

    There are three core texts that we consider essential reading for those interested in deepening their understanding of Daoism. These are; The Dao De Jing, the Zhuang Zi and the Lie Zi . These, together with many other supportive texts can be found on our Reading List page.

  • What benefits are there if I become a member of the BDA?

    Membership is necessary if you wish to attend a retreat and to access other resources of the BDA, such as the online archive of the Dragon’s Mouth Magazine, transcripts,   interviews and other teaching material (including video guidance on meditation posture).

  • Can you provide someone to talk about Daoism for my Podcast?

    We do not have anyone available who can help with this.