Shi Jing 世靜

Shi Jing has been following the path of Daoism since the mid-1970s when he met Giafu Feng, a Chinese daoist well known for his translation of the Daode Jing. In 1995 Shi Jing was ordained by Feng Xingzhao as a 31st generation Daoist priest (daoshi) in the Longmen (Dragon Gate) branch of Quanzhen (Complete Reality) School.

In 1996 he co-founded the British Taoist Association and became its chairman shortly after its inception.

As the BDA’s main teacher, he leads retreats and teaches daoist cultivation in UK, Europe and USA.

Shi Dao 世道

Shi Dao began daoist cultivation in 1992 as a student of Shi Jing and in 1995 was initiated as a 31st generation priest of the Dragon Gate tradition by Feng Xingzhao. He is a founder member of the British Daoist Association and was co-editor of BDA’s magazine, the Dragon’s Mouth, until 2014. He has contributed as a teacher on BDA retreats and events.

Shi Dao has a particular interest in daoist texts. He has studied early classical texts with Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallée and has recently completed a BA in Chinese (Modern and Classical) at the School of Oriental and African Studies. His focus remains on the Daode jing and the Zhuangzi.

Shi Qiao 世橋

Shi Qiao (Graeme McCracken) is a 31st generation daoshi (ordained daoist Priest) of the Dragon Gate sect of the Complete Reality School of Daoism. He began cultivating the Dao in 1997 and was later ordained in Shaanxi province, China by Feng Xingzhao in 2004. His interest in the ‘nature of things’ and the ‘human condition’ also led him to study Chinese and Oriental Medicine in the UK, US and China.

Shi Qiao (meaning World Bridge) has been cultivating with his friend and teacher Shi Jing since 1998 who has been the main influence on his daoist view and cultivation of Zuowang meditation, daoyin and daoist walking. This relationship continues to be of great support in both his own cultivation and teaching. Shi Qiao lives in Dartmoor National Park, Devon, UK where he finds the connection with nature, wild environment and tranquility in kinship to his path.

Sarah Hill

Sarah was introduced to meditation and daoist cultivation by Shi Jing in 1995 and has come to recognise a deep connection with the practices over the years. She hosted a weekly meditation group for several years. She and Shi Dao, until the introduction of lockdown and rules for social distancing,  hosted regular gatherings in London for those who have attended BDA retreats and who wish to meet to share the cultivation and also introductory one day events. Sarah expects to recommence holding regular meditation days in Eastbourne once circumstances change.

Sarah also regularly supports Shi Jing and Shi Qiao when they are leading retreats. She works as a massage therapist and is currently training to become a biodynamic cranio sacral therapist.

Robert Taciak

Robert has had a general interest in Chinese culture and daoism since his youth and more specifically since 1999 – the first of many visits to Taiwan. He was introduced to daoist cultivation by Shi Jing in 2004 and this has become a particularly important part of his life ever since.

Robert regularly returns to the UK to maintain contact with his teacher Shi Jing and members of the BDA, as well as to participate in and support the UK retreats throughout the year.

Robert lives in Hamburg, Germany where he runs Wu Ming Dao ( – an organisation affiliated to the British Daoist Association that provides daoist meditation and daoyin workshops.

If you would like to find out more please contact Robert:

The BDA Committee

The BDA is run by a group of long-term cultivators who have been committed to the BDA for a number of years on a voluntary basis. The Committee currently consists of nine members: Shi Jing, Shi Dao, Shi Qiao, Jim Cartwright, Shi Hang (Justyna Gorska), Sandra Hill, Sarah Hill, Lee Moden and Tom Westbrook. They look after areas such as organizing and cooking on retreats, the BDA website, transcription of talks, finances and admin. The Committee is supported by members of the BDA.

If you feel you’d like to get involved with the BDA please get in touch.