These events, are designed to introduce daoist practice and provide ongoing support for participants. Until recently these have held in both London and Devon. We intend to resume them once the requirements for social distancing are lifted.

These days typically offer the teaching of seated daoyin movments, including self-massage and simple postures, followed by tranquil sitting meditation. They may also include talks on daoist teachings related to cultivation. Equally important is a period of informal discussion where participants can ask questions and talk about their experience of the practice.

Previous one-day events

We intend to resume the following events once the need for social distancing has passed.

Gathering in stillness (Devon)

with Shi Qiao

Gathering in Stillness days are an opportunity to discover non-conceptual Daoist cultivation through the use of the 4 traditional postures: sitting, walking, standing and lying.

We will also explore dao yin stretching to open the body and support presence of awareness with connection. Shi Qiao will also give a talk to explain the approach of the Daoist view and practices. These light and informal days are a good way to become familiar with the teachings offered by the British Daoist Association.

Introduction to dao yin and tranquil sitting meditation (London)

with Shi Dao and Sarah Hill

This day will provide a simple and informal introduction to dao yin and seated meditation practice, seen through the Daoist view. Newcomers to the practices are welcome, along with those who have been on previous events and wish to come together to refresh the view.

We will introduce some seated dao yin movements, self massage and tranquil sitting meditation. We will offer advice on the seated meditation posture and look at each person individually and suggest any adjustments which may help.